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10 Apps To Earn Money Online For Free (2021)

10 Apps To Earn Money Online For Free (2021)

Hello Friends! This is going to be amazing because here is a huge number of platforms to earn money online for free. If you are interested then you will earn surely.

Here are 10 apps to earn money online for free.

These apps are unique in their features and don’t demand any kind officially investment and cost. Your time needed only so, you may earn daily.

Let’s start by intros and then working of these apps.


2•Curious Cat App




6•Cash App


8•The Lucky Miner



Now Look at the working of these apps to earn money online for free.


This app gives you 3 to 4 types of task to earn money. You can earn money by completing these tasks and can withdraw through any type of account.

This app is ClipClaps. Yes! We are talking about clipclaps here. This app has many features to give you handsome earning that’s why we are calling it best money making app in 2021.

We are going to tell you about this app’s working,features & withdraw method here so, you may become able to earn a lot of real cash from this app.


This app gives you simple tasks and these tasks are:

1.Watching Videos

2.Playing Games

3.Spin The Wheel

4.Upload Your Content

These are some tasks you have to done in this app. After completing these tasks you will get free coins and these coins can be redeemed to real cash.

▶The videos, this app suggests are of 5-10 moiutes. Short videos also available. Coins will be continuously added to your balance till you are watching video. You can skip video anywhere.

Ads are also included in the app to give coins.

▶In this best money making app, interesting games are also available. You will play these games to get coins which will be added to your coin balance automatically.

▶Spin The Wheel.

You have to spin a wheel to get real cash and coins. The quantity of coins and cash is marked on the wheel. You will just click to spin and will get real cash & coins.

▶You can also upload your own content to become a megastar. Your uploaded videos will be suggested to other people and they may start to follow you.


So, guys collect as much coins as you can in the app because they can be exchanged to real cash by only one click.

1M Coins=1$

So, if we look at features of this app then we see:

♦Spin wheel to get real cash

♦Watch short videos to get coins

♦Many withdraw options like Paypaal, Easypaisa,JazzCash,bank transfer & many more.

♦Minimum Withdraw of 10$.

♦More time more coins.

♦Easy Withdraw.


Curious Cat App:

Guys! This money making app gives you simple surveys to complete with your own knowledge. You will get real cash for completing these simple surveys.

Simple questions are asked in these surveys and you will answer them. You can share your own opinion in these surveys too.

Types of questions are like:






You will click on right answer and will be paid instantly. This app really demands time from you. The more time you will spend on this app, more money you will make.

You can make money online through this app in a large amount because this app doesn’t set a limit of work.

You can withdraw your earning through paypaal account instantly. You will get points for completing surveys. These points can be redeemed to real cash to make money online.

Let’s look features of Curious Cat App.


♦Complete Simple Surveys and Make Money Online.

♦Earn More Points and Make more money.

♦Easy Withdraw Through Paypaal Account.



This is a gaming app that offers you free UCs,diamonds & gift cards. You have to play games to earn these things.



This is a survey app. You will complete surveys to earn gift cards and real cash.



Some companies and organizations ask you simple questions through short surveys in this app. You have to give your opinion and earn real cash instantly.


Cash App:

This app gives you simple surveys to complete. Moreover, short videos are also there to watch. After completing these tasks, you will get real cash instantly. Not any coins or tickets but real cash and you can withdraw instantly.



This app gives you real cash through 3 ways.

🔸You have to complete surveys.

🔸You have to watch short videos of your choice.

🔸You have to play games of your interest.

You will get coins after completing these tasks. You can redeem these coins for real cash.


The Lucky Miner:

This app also have very interesting games to play. You will play these games to earn coins and these coins will automatically be added to your coin balance.

You can redeem these coins to real cash by clicking on the redeem button in the app.



This app gives you short surveys. You have to complete these surveys to get real cash directly. You will get cash in your paypaal account.



This app gives you games to play. You will play these games to collect units. These units can be redeemed to coins which in turn are redeemed to real cash.


So, guys these were some apps to earn money online for free. Download these apps and start your earning right now.


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