Top Money Earning Apps in 2022 – Appizia

Top Money Earning Apps in 2022 – Appizia

Here are Money Earning Apps In 2022 given that pay you real money daily through many types of simple tasks.You will complete these simple tasks to make real cash and these tasks can be completed in limited time but, the prize is maximum through these tasks.

So, following are top 5 money earning apps in 2022 with their features given to make real money online daily.

Money Earning Apps In 2022


This app is like a cryptocurrency, you get some Handy Coin as soon as you log in to this app, which becomes your Pakistani 900/800 rupees.

There are many ways to make money in this app, like you can make money by playing games, inviting friends, uploading posts and there are many more methods.

You will find out videos on YouTube that how to use this app and how to create an account in it. Many people make videos on this topic.Take a help also through these videos for further details.

2•Daraz Games

Do you frequently shop from the Daraz app? There’s good news! Being a Daraz user, you can play games on the app and earn cashpoints. There are 1 Rupee games on Daraz through which you can earn 10% cashback and deals and discounts on various products. By playing games, you can also participate in their lucky draws and win a mega discount offer.


In 2016 earning money from YouTube becoming popular day by day. Nowadays earning money from YouTube is not easy. You need to create original content. If your content is fake or copied then you are ineligible for earning.

First of all, create a channel on YouTube.

You can easily create a channel. You can also watch videos of creating channels on YouTube. Then upload videos on the YouTube channel. Make sure your video content should be original.

To monetize, you need to complete 1000 users and 4000 hours of viewing time. After this, your channel will review by the YouTube team. Then you will get an email of monetization from YouTube.

After monetization different ads will run on your videos. In return, you will get paid from YouTube. You can withdraw your money from your bank account.

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4•Gamee Prizes.

This an amazing gaming app to make real cash online.Many types of games are present in gamee prizes app that you can play for making money online daily.You can also compete with friends and come on top of leaderboard to win cash prize weekly.

This app also offers spinning of fortune wheel daily and you can collect tickets through this.Tickets can be collected through games also and more tickets from anyone can result into a huge prize for you.

5•Fiverr Upwork

Fiverr Upwork is similarly a reevaluating application like Fiverr and one of the speediest creating web gaining destinations in Pakistan. If you are a student and struggling to make both ends meet, you can create user-friendly programs on the platform and earn money online.

First, you’ll need to build a strong profile and gig and then send an offer on a job you’re interested in performing. Once your gigs start working, so will your money-making journey.

So, these were top 5 money earning apps in 2022 to make real cash.Install apps from playstore and start your online earning from today.

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