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8 Real Apps To Make Money From Home 2021

8 Real Apps To Make Money From Home 2021

Online work is one of the leading platform for making money at home. It has become part-time and full time work now. Here are such 8 real apps to make money from home. These apps are one of the world’s leading online earning apps.

If you work on 2-3 hours a day on every app, you can earn upto 100$ USD easily. Let’s know about working and intros of these real apps to make money from home.

1•Money Well

2•Gamee Prizes

3•Big Time Cash

4•Cash House

5•The Lucky Miner

6•Poll Pay


8•Cash App

Now, learn about working of these real apps to make money at home.

Money Well:

This earning app has unique work for paying you real cash. This app shows many interesting games and you have to play these games to earn tickets. You will get many types of gift cards and real cash once, you have reached a certain number of tickets given in the from below👇


Gamee Prizes:

This is also a unique gaming app for earning money. You can play games through this app and earn real cash. You have to collect tickets also and come on top of the leaderboard of collecting tickets. Once, you have reached at the top of leaderboard, you will get 10$ USD reward for that.

Tickets can be collected by:

🔸Playing Games

🔸By Spinning Wheels

🔸By Choosing Lucky Numbers.

All these options are given in the app.


Big Time Cash:

This app also suggests you very interesting games of all types.

These types of games are:

🔸Arcade games

🔸Adventure games

🔸Casual games

🔸strategic games

You will play these games to earn tickets and enter in a lucky draw. More tickets, more chances to win in a lucky draw.


Cash House:

As the name suggests, this app is really a “cash house”. It works on a simple method and you can earn cash directly without coins or tickets.

You will play gemes which are given in the app and app will pay your cash directly.


The Lucky Miner:

This app also have very interesting games to play. You will play these games to earn coins and these coins will automatically be added to your coin balance.

You can redeem these coins to real cash by clicking on the redeem button in the app.



This app gives you short surveys. You have to complete these surveys to get real cash directly. You will get cash in your paypaal account.


Win Gift:

This app gives you real cash through 3 ways.

🔸You have to complete surveys.

🔸You have to watch short videos of your choice.

🔸You have to play games of your interest.

You will get coins after completing these tasks. You can redeem these coins for real cash.



This app gives you simple surveys to complete. Moreover, short videos are also there to watch. After completing these tasks, you will get real cash instantly. Not any coins or tickets but real cash and you can withdraw instantly.


So guys! These were 8 real apps to make money from home. Download these apps and earn huge amount of real cash. Make your withdraw through paypaal(min.10$USD).

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