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WhatsApp Status Saver & Recover Deleted Chat-Top 2 Ways

WhatsApp Status Saver & Recover Deleted Chat-Top 2 Ways

WhatsApp is world’s most amazing messaging app with having more than 500B users across the world.Here is an expanded feature of WhatsApp like WhatsApp status saver and recover deleted chat.

Here is the unique way to save whatsapp status from any contact from your list.You will also be able to recover deleted WhatsApp chat after getting the platform from here. You will get here WhatsApp status saver app & recover deleted chat which is present in an amazing app known as “status saver”.

WhatsApp Stataus Saver & Recover Deleted Chat

You can save all statuses in high quality in your phone.HD quality status will save in your phone forever.Similarly,you can write your own WhatsApp status in stylish fonts.

Many stylish fonts are present in this amazing app for sharing your day with your friends.These fonts are easily applicable by enabling status saver app in your phone and the enjoy it’s features.

Stylish Fonts To Write Status In WhatsApp Status Saver App

WhatsApp doesn’t hold status saving features and stylish fonts.WhatsApp updates are available on people’s reviews and suggestions.But, features haven’t expanded towards status saver & recover deleted chat.

You can also recover deleted chat by pasting your number in given space in the app.Then click on recovery option and you will get deleted chat back,which can be restored and saved again in your phone.

Both these features are amazing and present in status saver app, which can be installed from download link below👇


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