Top Updated Features Of WhatsApp 2021

 Top Updated Features Of WhatsApp  2021

Guys! WhatsApp is top most chatting and video calling app on this planet with over 2B users across 180 countries.

This whole success has come through WhatsApp’s Top features which are continuously being updated and are unique in their application.

WhatsApp has now updated top features at the end of 2021, which are really amazing.

WhatsApp is simple, reliable and quickest resource to get in touch with each other.This reliability makes people to use WhatsApp whole time.

WhatsApp Top Updated features are really amazing and you will enjoy these new features as well.

Let’s know about these top updated features of WhatsApp 2021.



🔹Private Messages Across The World.

You can chat or get connected through video call and all these operations will be secures by WhatsApp. Your chat and messages will be end-to-end encrypted and no one will be able to access them from out side. So, 1st top feature of WhatsApp is security of your privacy.

🔹Fast Connection Right Away.

2nd Top Updated feature of WhatsApp is it’s ability to connect people instantly. Your messages are delivered quickly and you can get reply at the will of recipient. Whole procedure is so fast that it looks like almost call.

🔹Excellent Quality Voice & Video Calling.

This is the top most feature of WhatsApp that it ensures people to get in touch with their loved ones through high quality video calling. Voice calling quality is also so good that people trusted on WhatsApp for it always.

All the operations of voice & video calling are absolutely free and instant.

🔹Instant Group Chats & Calling.

WhatsApp also supports business. You can make video calling,chatting and voice calling in groups at same time for business,educational or any other purpose.

You will get a good quality and instant replies from your partners.

🔹Share Daily Moment Through WhatsApp Status.

This is also an amazing top updated feature of WhatsApp. You can share your joy or any memorable moment through your status.

People will watch it and give you their opinions and reactions.

🔹Ads Free.

This is top most amazing feature that I personally liked about WhatsApp as well. You don’t need to consume time in watching any sort of ads. Your all operations through WhatsApp,would be free and instant.


So Friends! hope you are also enjoying these features of WhatsApp and give your feedback in comments section below.

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