Top 6 Simple Gaming Earning Apps 2021||Earn Real Cash

Top 6 Simple Gaming Earning Apps 2021||Earn Real Cash

If you are really wanting to make money online by just playing games, you are at right place to do so. Here we will tell you about top 6 simple gaming earning apps in 2021. You will be able to play games of your own interest and earn real cash. These simple gaming earning apps pay you real cash instantly.

Let’s know about their intros and then working to earn money.

1•App Station

2•Cash Alarm


4•Money Rawr

5•Cash’em All

6•App Flame

Let’s learn working of these simple gaming earning apps.

App Station:

This app holds some very interesting games. You will get rewards for playing these games. Rewards are in the form of real cash and gift cards. Your cash is added to your paypaal account instantly. You are paid for playing so, play more & earn more.


Cash Alarm:

This unique app doesn’t demand any deposit. You will play gemes in this app and will be paid for every minute of playing.



This app is one of the most unique apps in the world. This app also holds games for playing but these games are updated every day. So, you will get new games each day for playing. You will play these games to earn real cash.


Money Rawr:

This app also gives you new portofolio games everyday. You will earn coins by playing these games and you can also trade these coins to real cash for withdrawing through paypaal.


Cash’em All:

This app is all about playing games. You will play games and coins will automatically be added to your coin balance. You can exchange these coins with real cash by clicking on exchange option.


App Flame:

This free earning app suggests you interesting games. You have to earn coins by playing these games and when you will reach at a certain number of coins, you will get gift cards for that. These gift cards are in the form of amazon gifts, real cash and many more.

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So guys! These were top 6 simple gaming earning apps in 2021 to play games and earn real cash. Download these apps and start your earning now.

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