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Minecraft Updated Features |

Minecraft Updated Features |

Minecraft updated features version has been launched with many amazing features updated about which we are going to talk here and also you will be given free download here for this updated version of minecraft.


Whats New In Minecraft Updated Version

Minecraft updated features are as following;

1•New Effect.

New effects are added in minecraft updated features that will make a good view.This effect helps to darken the view a bit but view will not disappear completely.New effect will make your better gaming view altogether.


For music lovers, music features are updated in this version and the players can enjoy different tracks during surviving in the ordinary world.Updated music tracks can be found in the chests of the fortress corridors or in the treasury.

3•Vanilla Experiments.

As you know, Minecraft updated version has goat horns and an acoustic sensor. However, their functionality has not yet been fully implemented by the developers.


Therefore, they decided to add them to the experimental game mode temporarily. Now, to take advantage of these innovations, you will have to activate the Vanilla Experiments option.


How To Download?.

You can install minecraft new updated version to enjoy all features from this link.

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