YUMI Your Universal Multi-boot Installer enables each the user to create their own custom Multi-boot is containing the distributions they want in the which they are installed.If you run YUMI from the same you store ISO files, they should be auto-detected eliminating the need to browse for each ISO.Not all Unlisted ISO’s can be booted the adding Unlisted ISO is an UNSUPPORTED option. Your USB drive must be Fat16 Fat32 NTFS format,the otherwise  will fail and your drive will NOT Boot.


  • Fat32 or NTFS Format USB Flash or USB Hard Drive
  • PC that can boot from USB yumi -
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Ubuntu/ for the other Linux version and more of YUMI to create the Bootable USB
  • Your selection of ISO Files Yumi
  • Yumi is very fast Bootable create Softwere and easy
  • if Multi-boot ISO’s was previously used, you must reformat the drive and start over.
  • Select a distribution to Boot from the Menu and enjoy.
  1. Update to support newer CentOS 7, Clonezilla , and Ultimate Edition 4.
  2. Add support for Debian Live 7.8.0, and OpenSuSe 3.2.
  3. The Fix broken 64bit option for Parted Magic entry.
  4. The Fix Windows Vista/7/8 and Hiren’s options.
  5. Add support for Arch Bang, Linux, and Cyborg Linux.
  6. Add support for Android-x86. Fix broken Update credits and sources.
  7. Dr.Web menu entries which became broken in build yUMI
  8. Update to support Cub Linux. Fix broken WifiSlax entry.THE Use alternate
  9. method for NEW Ubuntu derivatives with conflicting gfxboot.
  10. Yumi Multiboot Remove distributions that are no longer being developed. Fix broken links.
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