Recuva is a data recovery software which is developed for Windows.Now you can recover your permanently deleted files and marked files for your free space.In addition to this this software can also be used to recover files from MP3 players,USB drives and Memory Cards etc.

This application scan for damage file and deleted content in order to regain which you have lost.It can join all segments of a file that has been scattered.In this way extra space will be available for you.There are four possibilities for recovering your files.The difference between them is only number of passes they done,which is ranges from single to 35 passes.So chances to recover your files can be increased.It can perform deep scanning,and also detect files in empty hard disks even.

Recuva can support many email clients such as Microsoft Outlook,Live Mail,and Thunderbird etc.These applications have group of mails stored in it and if you by chance deleted you important mails then it helps you to get back these mails even if these are not present in trash.It performs cleaning duty to get rid of unwanted files.No matter what you want to recover.Recuva is the best choice for you.


  • Simple and easy to use interface,you can scan and recover file which you want
  • Can filter your result on the base of File/Type
  • Can be run from a USB thumb drive
  • Recuva can recover all types of files,office documents,images,videos,musics and email etc
  • It also restore files from removable devices
  • Has ability to restore files from external ZIP drives and USB hard drives
  • It is fast, secure and easy to run
  • Provides deep scan mode
  • Now support FAT,exFAT and NTFS hard drives
  1. External file system support has been improved
  2. Recuva has now improve FAT32 partition files scanning
  3. Drive and partition detection has been enhanced
  4. Recuva has now improved keyboard navigation
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