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.Net Framework is a set of tools for building mobile, desktop and web applications.It provides you many libraries,DLL,s and routines.By using C++ or other programming language with .NET Framework, you can now create amazing style apps.

It is compatible for different computer languages like .Net Framework Service Pack,Framework 1.0a,Framework SDK 1.1,ASP.NET and with many other tools.Many programmers develop softwares by using their own source code and .NET Framework libraries.ASP.NET is an open source Framework which is used for creating dynamic webpages and apps by using CSS,HTML and Javascript etc. It has Native Image Generator which enhances performance because it performs ahead-of-time-compilation.Garbage Collector is the best tool to remove all unwanted data.


  • App models are used to create many applications.
  • CLR feature prevents the developer from the huge load of managing memory
  • Support for calling SS Extensions with the help of managed codes.
  • CLR enforces for typing safety
  • Support the exchange of types between applications and libraries
  • Unicode Supported
  1. Enhancements to ASP.NET.It has now support for error messages related to data annotation validators.Also support for output cache providers
  2. .Net Framework has improved itself in Windows Presentation Foundation
  3. There is a great improvement in Windows Communication Foundation
  4. ClickOnce has been updated.It automatically detects which protocol should be used.
  5. Improvement in debugging
  6. Supports Soft Keyboards
  7. Compression feature has been added
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