Java Runtime Environment 64 bit Latest Version Download

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Java Runtime Environment 64 bti is a program which allows you to execute your project in java .It provides you libraries, Java Plugins,Java Virtual Machine and many other components to run you own app which is written in Java programming language.
It supports main java classes,support files.Java Plug-in allows you to see your content in different browsers.Java Virtual Machine is a component in java which provides you platform security and small size of your compiling code.Java Security technology provides the developers with unique security framework for writing your own application.It also provides you a number of tools to securely manage your applications.
It has ability to execute many elements called applets. The function of these components is used to to make calculations, see 3D images,to play games and participate in chat sessions among other activities.So Java Runtime Environment 64 bit is an efficient program for your online as well as offline work.


  • Find JRE on host by itself
  • Java version check before execute
  • Add an icon and version information to generated binary
  • Messages are customizable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Redirect System.out, System.err to a file or pipe
  • Show a splash screen when program is starting up
  • System icon tray supported
  • Set “Current Working Directory” with an absolute or relative path
  • Rich configure items can be used to configure generated binary executive
  1. Java Runtime Environment 64 bit now allows you to work in secure java computing environment
  2. Its latest version will improves the security of your system
  3. Now you can play games online with the help of java
  4. Chat with people around the world has now become easy with java
  5. Calculate your interest, and show images in 3D
TitleJava Runtime Environment 64 Bit
Version8.0 build 102
Total Files1
File Size60.19 MB
Create DateAugust 22, 2016
Last UpdatedAugust 22, 2016

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