Firefox is an internet browser which is light-weight, faster, and strictly secure than its former Mozilla Browser from which it was originally produced and most of its code derived from it. In Comparison to Windows Internet Explorer; the well-known Web browser, Firefox provides its users an enhanced interface and faster download speeds. In 2008 November, Firefox had about 20% of the market share for browsers, World-Wide. Internet Explorer had about 70%.

Firefox contained most of the features with which the users of other browser are mostly familiar. The first release of the browser also contained several new features other internet browsers didn’t have at the time, they were the tremendous features like bookmarks and tabs that permits a user to quickly shuffle across the several Web sites. Other internet browsers have since adopted most of these features of Firefox’s Browser and pursue to make new plug-ins that raised the functionality and usability.


  • Mail component Thunderbird
  • Light-Weight
  • Fast Browser
  • Quick link to the Google search engine
  • Search multiple search engines simultaneously
  • Spell checking
  • session restore and “live titles.”
  1. A more streamlined user interface
  2. Improved and extended tabbed browsing
  3. RSS feed support
  4. New security features, including anti-phishing protection
  5. Improved integrated search of multiple search engines
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