CCleaner is a speed booster.It increases your system performance by removing unwanted data,extra files,softwares that are not in use.You can uninstall applications through uninstall panel.

Disk Analyzer tool helps you to find all file types that are using your disk space.You can also find duplicate files in your PC through Duplicator finder.It will also tell you which plugins are set to run when your browser starts.It deletes all your cookies,web history,cache and all unnecessary files that take much space and are not needed for your system.

CCleaner can restore your system.You can safely erase files or free space on a drive.It can find and fix problems related to any registry entry.You can also create backup of registry entries before cleaning up your system.So CCleaner is an incredible application to reduce load on processor and make your system to run faster.Its professional version has many possibilities.


  • Responsible for keeping your PC clean by removing all unneeded files
  • Uses an advanced Registry Cleaner to check for problems
  • Delete all your browser data on exit
  • Save you system space
  • Make your system run faster
  • Reduce load on your processor
  • Scan almost full system by taking a few seconds
  1. Added SOL setting file of cleaning and management for Flash Player
  2. Added Safari Icon history cleaning.
  3. Now it has Windows Elevated Diagnostics.
  4. Now it support to clean Kantaris Media Player, KMPlayer, etc
  5. Cleaning features to clean Xfire, Real Player.
  6. Improved to clean last download location in opera browser.
  7. Remote desktop cleaning, recent documents cleaning.
  8. Improved drive wiper and feedback options.
  9. Fixed Cookie importing and exporting bug.
  10. New version has minor translation bug fixes
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File Size10.40 MB
Create DateJuly 4, 2016
Last UpdatedAugust 17, 2019

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