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If you are running malicious applications and your system is effected with virus then don,t worry.Avast Pro Antivirus is indeed an ultimate protection software that protect you against malicious programs.

You can choose whether avast pro antivirus scan your entire system or individual selected file.It has an  for schedule scanning.Two scanning options command line and boot scan are also available.

Avast Pro Antivirus easily clean moderately infected USB drive.It helps you to remove all threats including Trojan,without loosing  your important data. Its helps to increase PC performance by fixing errors,cleaning up junk files auto updating your system applications.Its real-time shields will warn you if anything does not looking  good,or something suspicious such as fraud website or even a USB drive.


  • It provides you a better protection
  • Avast is lighter and faster easy to use
  • It provides you home network security
  • This application is best for password encryption
  • It protects you from stolen your data,online ads and exposing your card details
  • It gives you all in one scan
  • It prevents you from unwanted toolbars and keep your browser cleanup

Avast 2016 introduces the following new things:

  1. Password manages your passwords and syncs data across your devices. Its new tool checks your password security and prevent you form stolen your data.It stores passwords securely,and you can also generate password with its password tool.It provides many browser extension for easy form filling and secure login.
  2. Its web shield service has been improved for better compatibility on HTTPS Protocol websites.
  3. Browser cleanup is the best tool that has been added in it.It helps to restore browser configuration,delete unwanted toolbars.
  4. Remote Assistance is the best service if you are facing any issue related to security and you can also help others online.
  5. Software updater helps you to solve any incompatibilities related to applications and hardware.It helps to fix bugs and solve keyboard problems by keeping you updated.
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