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Advanced iP scanner is  very fast easy and free software for network scanning that you are using. It detects computer’s network and give access to them. Advanced ip scanner is reliable to scan network LAN analyse.It scans all network devices to give you access to them.

With Advanced IP Scanner you can turn on and off your remote PC and much more.It gives access you to  the shared folder and othe of the Fantastic feature is that you can turn off your PC via remotely switch. In short. it is very fat and easy ip scanner.

It can detect all the other PC on your network and gives you access to their various components. Ths software is design with simple easy and unique interface which can easily drive by any new user or a give you the IP of your network.


  • Easy access to network sharing

  • MAC addresses detection

  • Export scan results to CSV

  • Remote control via RDP
    and Radmin

  • Switching on/off computers

  • No installation required

  • Fast Scanning network
  • Remote Wake on LAN
  • Easy access to FTP and shared folder
  • It is robust and easy
  • It can locate all computers on your network on one click
  • Easy access to other computers’s various resources
  • Access to HTTP,HTTPS,FTP or shared folders
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Quickly navigate by all users
  •  Simple Design for understanding

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