One of my best recommendation for you is to use Adobe Reader for creating,viewing,editing and manipulating PDF files.It is now become available for free download.

Adobe reader allows user to open and read PDF files.You can edit the text present in PDF files.It does not require any source document for editing.If you want to scale up your text,font styles and weight i think Adobe Reader can do it for you.

Form filling is the best feature,which allows you to fill PDF forms.If you have Adobe Reader then you can easily open your forms coming from offices,schools or from any external sources.


  • Read PDF files now with great accuracy.
  • You can read PDF documents on standard Windows or Mac OS X operating systems
  • Advanced reading functions can be used according to Windows-based screen readers.
  • Now you can get fast access to Adobe PDF files.
  • Through Windows navigation panels,you can customize and change font size.
  • You can alternate reading order.
  • Adobe reader support Japanese language.
  • On the Windows platform,you can also use keyboard navigation.
  • High contrast mode can be used for viewing your documents
  • Zoom in and out on text and re-flow it to make a fit view
  • Free and easy to use.
  1. Adobe Reader smooths out some of the rough edges of PDF text editing.
  2. Get access to PDF files made easy.You can now add and update text in PDF
  3. A much-needed improvement in Adobe Reader is that:Added text will now automatically wrap around a new paragraph.
  4. Search and replace feature for text within the PDF has now become available.
  5. With image tool you can move,crop,scale,edit and replace you images.
  6. You can now export your PDF files for Word,Excel as well as for Microsoft Power Point.
  7. It means that Acrobat users does not have any need to go in source file to made any significant changes.
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