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The best,flexible and well performed software to create vector graphics for professional uses is Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.No matter how much you know about illustrator you can create a basic well designed logo with great ease.You can scale it up and down without losing quality.It has 10x zooming capability and you can edit you design with great accuracy.

If illustrator exits,stops or crash unexpectedly then it has ability to recover your file where you had left it.You can group, ungroup and isolate selected layer for editing.You can merge,unite and divide layers easily.Its gradient tool help you to create unique and fascinating designs which you are creating.

You can easily join the paths with join tool.Free transform tool help you to change shapes easily.You can easily move your design anywhere with free distort tool.Its pen and pencil tools help you to create sketches and designs.You can also add fill and stroke in it.It has many great effects.I think adobe illustrator covers all features for designing.


  • It is used to Design Logos
  • For Dynamic Symbols
  • It is Used to Create Icon
  • Mostly used for Business Cards
  • For Typography
  • Have Shaper Tool
  1. New Adobe Illustrator now support SVG export for single objects and entire artboards .
  2. You can choose one or multiple artboards to export them for multiple resolutions and file sizes which are perfects for web icon and screens etc.
  3. You can use create custom landing pages,contact forms and portfolios to show them in artwork.
  4. Illustrator has updated live shapes,libraries panel and transform panel.
  5. You can create different master shapes.You can also change its appearance.You can easily add fill,scale,opacity,rotate without break its link form its original shapes.
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