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After Effects CC is a professional base visual effects software.It is an incredible application for creating motion graphics and animated info-graphics.Adobe After Effect CC has come with most features.It can be used for creating special effects in the video footage.It is widely used for post-production process of film-making and television production.

You can scale your video,make your footage 3D,text animations and create unique video animations.You can speed up or down your video.Wiggler tool helps you to shake footage.You can track motion and stabilize video.It helps you to balance colors,hue,contrast and saturation.Full,half and quarter options are also available for rendering.If you want to make your video render fast then you can choose quarter.

You can download and install many plugins to create video with your own wish.If you want to export your project and import in Adobe Premiere Pro CC,Photoshop or any other famous application.Then it can be done easily with After Effects.


  • Fast Playback Experience
  • Comes with CINEMA 4D Lite, mocha, Color Finesse and Keylight
  • Work fine with High Resolution projects
  • Faster app performance
  • Accelerated and enhanced video Effects
  • Simplified character animation
  • Motion Trigger and Auto Blink behaviors
  • Fast Importing
  • Improved Live 3D Pipeline
  • Add expressions and scripting
  • Easily import,edit and compose video in any format
  1. Now After Effects comes with more visually effects, stunning motion graphics and  wherever inspiration strikes.
  2. It has now connected with many desktop apps and creative cloud mobile apps
  3. Seamlessly, allowing your creativity to inspire you wherever you are.You can draw and made your thoughts in After Effects.
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