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VLC Media player is an open player that is compatible for almost all windows types.It can produce and run all types of media files.It is best for high quality movies.You can change aspects ratio of videos in different dimensions to make its looks good for your screen.

After video conversion when you open your video in VLC Media Player and you can select whichever audio channels you want to use.You can also set subtitles.You can also apply filters on your video and make it pretty good for watching.You can also reproduce your video and convert them in different formats.

VLC can also stream audio and videos online.All you have to do is to connect yourself with internet to broadcast channel and you can enjoy multimedia contents in all over the world.You can also watch TV if you can connect to a link and watch in your computer in a HD quality.You also have ability to download the multimedia signal without struggling a lot.


  • It provides you upto 200% audio voice
  • It is faster and light weight with simple interface
  • It has a feature of taking snapshots from videos.
  • It has faster Hardware Decoding ability
  • You can play every format on VLC Media Player
  • You can control the speed of video and also rotate you video to some axis
  • It is also available for iOS and mobile devices
  • It can also manage audio,video streaming and radio channels
  1. Updated VideoLAN includes resumable video playback options.
  2. It provides enhanced codec support.
  3. You can search for plugins directly from the software.
  4. You can now download subtitles.It also has a feature of built-in subtitle downloads.
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