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SHAREit is a freeware software which allows you share you files like photos,videos,musics and documents etc from mobile to PC or PC to PC.Nowadays, sharing become very easy with SHAREit,because it allows you to share files across many operating systems.

You can create Peer to Peer network.Secure mode is also available to transfer your files more securely.By scanning QR code provided by PC,you can easily pair your mobile with PC and share what you want.SHAREit allows you to create a backup of all your mobile data in your PC with just one tap.In this way,it save your storage space for other pictures and videos in mobiles.

One of the best tool in SHAREit is Remote View.You can search you files and folders in PC as well as in your mobile phones.You can also display,play it and share directly.Now there is no need to use a mouse when you are presenting on PowerPoint.You can easily slide your presentations on projectors or PC with your mobile phone.So Shareit is a great application to share your content with friends,family and gathering


  • You can transfer everything like videos,musics,photos,documents etc.
  • Send large files and folders in no time
  • It doesn’t require any Mobile data charges,cables or Wifi to share your files
  • Easily share your documents with classmates or officers.
  • Helps you to send assignments to other at rapid speed
  • Create backup photos from phone to your PC
  • SHAREit on mobile can control PowerPoint slides on projector or PC
  1. Fix some speed issues
  2. No size matter how the file is large.You can send large files conveniently.
  3. A new avatar icon is available which will represents you
  4. Now you can send any thing like music,game etc
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