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Emule is a file sharing client which is based on the eDonkey 2000 network but now it offers more features than the standard sharing client. Emule  allows you to download files from any website.

Emule is really a great software for sharing files. With this version of Emule you can easily manage your downloaded files. It  offers you to download them fastly. You can load your files on high speed servers.

Emule is free very easy and simple to use. You can transfer your files very easily and quickly core high speed internet.It allows you to share files over a wide range.You can apply filter on your IP. You can connect it with on one click.


  • Users can use several networks to create one reliable network.
  • It is now completely free.
  • Emule is also free for any Adware, Spyware. We do this for fun and knowledge, not for money.
  • The Emules ICC helps to speeds up the correction of corrupted Files
  • Source management allows you to start many downloads.
  • you can look at your Videos and Archives before their completion. For video preview we recommend the VLC.
  • The Emule features web servers that allows you to have quick access to internet.
  • You can create categories to organize your download.
  • If you wants to find any file Emule offers you a wide range of search possibilities in which include servers like local and global web based  and Kad.
  • Emule also allows you to use very complex Boolean searches that make the searches more intensible.
  •  you can send messages to other Users and add them as friends with the friend system and messaging. There is a friend list where you can always see your online friends.
  • You can chat with other users and chatters around the globe with IRC Client.
  1. Emule’s last date when it is updated is April 21 nearly 2 months ago. In fact while the development is not completely settled the future updates contain only minor bug fixes and  little changes.
  2. uTorrent and many other BitTorrent clients release updates at a very crucial time,whenever Emule lacks a few features that we take for granted in modern peering program.
  3. Emule have no any support for IPv6 which is very important in the future. It also have not any support for NAT traversal and if you cannot use UPnP or forwarding ports manually. You will get a low identity which indicates that other clients cannot connect with you.
  4. That would reduces your downloading speed for example, gets around this with its NAT traversal feature.
  5. The interface that Emule’s have is also feels a bit out of date and will likely to be confusing to many users, who are only familiar with utorrent clients or a BitTorrent Client.
Version0.50B Beta 1
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File Size3.06 MB
Create DateAugust 2, 2016
Last UpdatedAugust 22, 2016

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