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BlueStacks App Player is a fabulous software which can turn your computer or laptop into Android Phone. It is a very interesting thing! Yes friends. I am also found it very interesting and amazing application when I used it first time on my Computer.

You would not believe that I am successfully switched or turned my computer into a Android phone by using this software application. Be Honestly, this software application does not turn the Windows or Mac operating system in Android OS.

It is just uses a virtual Window Bar over Windows to run Android virtual platform on your Laptop or Computer and you can any time navigate between Windows and Android. So whenever  you open Bluestacks App Player on your computer or laptop it will let you the experience of full Android environment.


  • Syncing apps between your phone and the Windows app.
  • Moving files between Windows and BlueStacks via a shared folder.
  • Side loading apps by double-clicking an APK file from your desktop.
  • Play all Play store games on PC.
  • You can also enjoy the android settings.
  • It allows you to run your desired mobile games on your laptop or computer.
  • Fully customizable environment.
  • Improved support for multiple OS configurations.
  • Improves Google Play integration.
  • you can access all your favourite games and apps.
  • BlueStacks App Player now supports multiple languages.
  • The user interface of BlueStacks App Player is simple and can be totally configured to suit your needs.
  • you can just install Android app icons directly onto the Windows desktop.
  1. The BlueStacks version 2  lets you to multitasking to your hearts delight.
  2. Each app and game launches in new tab and switch between applcation easily.
  3. You can now watch and stream videos while your game sessions and chat are in progress.
  4. The side Toolbar add on the app player it will now allow access to many features without going to settings.
  5. Resize the screen by dragging window corners.
  6. The back button is now available on left top just like any browser.
  7. Lots of improvements and bug fixes allowing many apps to run seamlessly.
TitleBluestacks Android Gaming Platform for PC
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Create DateAugust 18, 2016
Last UpdatedAugust 22, 2016

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