Our Purpose

Appizia is a project launched by Dreamsjet in 2016 to download app.We aimed to provide our visitors with good quality Apps.Our passion is somewhat different and inspirational.

We provide quality content and information about a specific app.We focused on Features,What’s New and Screenshots,so a visitor can easily perceive that what is the working of an app.

We also update new version of free apps as well as full version apps.One of the most important features of our site is you can download any app without waiting in just one click.

Our main purpose is to deal with everyday app downloading problems.Apps will never deleted on our server.Our servers are fast.

Appizia works in different way to upload content.Our staff is working for it.For example, some campanies will just download a content a then upload it.

But Appizia will first download it then test it how much this application work and has benefits for Users.Appizia first test it and then upload content.

There is also another thing that is most important.And this is security.You know malware and viruses are the major problems of today.

When we download any app then our Antiviruses check it.If there is virus then we tried to remove this content.But we cannot claim that all of our apps will free from this.

Anyhow there is also web scanner that scan viruses in files.To design a theme,we endeavored to make it simple.There is also light and simple theme available for mobile.

You are free to contact us.If you are facing any issue related to website and app then you can tell us freely.In other words,you can also suggest about making our website good and fast.

Other thing is that you can get our updates daily if you subscribe to our website.We want to make our website fast and reliable and that will be destination where we will go.


High quality apps

One click download

Full Support available

Time saving theme

Fast download Speed

Free and Pro downloaded apps

Feel free to contact us

Mobile friendly website

Resuming capability

Fast speed opening pages

Fast speed opening pages

Powerful and unique content

About the author

Sarmad Sohail is a great web Designer.He is a student and started to spend his time for creating websites,blogs,logo designs.He wanted to make his website popular by providing meaningful content.He wanted to learn and share his knowledge with others.He wnated to become a great shining star.

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We appreciates your choice and feel free to contact us if link expires,related to downloading problems or site problems.You can also send us app submission request.Anyway to contact us click here